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Is LoriSense a product name or a company?

LoriSense is a brand name and is the name of the products depicted on this website.

All the LoriSense products and the brand name are owned by a company Novodes Ltd which is the manufacturer of these products.

Novodes Ltd is a company owned by Eyal Gerber in Israel.

Eyal is an electrical engineer and a software engineer who has a passion for technology and solar energy.

Where did the name LoriSense come from?

Lori is the name of Eyal Gerber’s firstborn daughter and so he decided to name the product after her.

LoriSense Basic Single Axis Solar Tracker

Can the LoriSense Basic Solar Tracker Be Used for Dual Axis Tracking?

Yes. You can use the LoriSense Basic Single Axis Solar Tracker also for dual axis tracking.

You would need TWO such trackers. One for the East-West axis and another for the North-South axis.

The connection of the power supply is the same for both trackers as depicted in the installation instructions in the download section: LoriSense Solar Tracker Installation Instructions