List of single-axis solar tracker manufacturers

I have been writing a lot about how to increase solar panel efficiency and rotating your solar panel to follow the sun’s path.

The bottom line of everything is to get the solar tracker to do the job automatically. I am getting a lot of emails asking about different single-axis solar tracker manufacturers, today I am going to talk about it.

As a normal consumer, you don’t have to search for a large-scale solar tracker manufacturer.  They are easily available from the local retailer at a fraction of a price.

I have seen soo many DIY guys want to buy solar tracker from china. Trust me! It isn’t worth your time talking with overseas manufacturers if you just want to buy a single piece.

There are soo many overseas manufacturers, today I am going to talk about respective brands manufacturing and selling single-axis solar trackers.

  1. Lorisense Solar Tracker

Lorisense is one of the best solar tracker brands. They only sell single-axis solar trackers with IP-65 grade which means all parts can be exposed to dust and rain. A sensor installed within the tracker can be adjusted based on sensitivity.

2. Xiamen Grace Solar Technology

Xiamen Grace Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to engineering PV power station service, photovoltaic power, and solar trackers.

They manufacture these products on large scale but you can’t directly buy from them. You have to through a hefty shipping process to get your hands on their product. They have a decent R&D budget that goes into figuring out what works. Xiamen is hands down one of the best solar tracker manufacturers on the planet.

Xiamen is not your average chinese manufacturer. They have state-of-the-art equipment to test and manufacture solar trackers on a scale. You won’t be able to buy from them directly, they usually sell on Alibaba or you have to visit their site to place a big order.

3. Jiangsu Aikang Industrial Group

Jiangsu was established in 2006 headquartered in Zhangjiagang City. They also manufacturer a lot of different products related to solar energy. They have 6,000 employees. In 2016, the company ranked 325th in the list of China’s top 500 private enterprises and ranked 46th in the global new energy 500 lists.

They do not sell their products to direct consumer so you can’t buy from them. They aren’t as large as Xiamen but they have a pretty sizable team and manufacturing capacity. 

Overseas manufacturer vs retailer

There are a lot of solar panel companies and installation service providers looking to buy solar tracker and sell it as an add-on product to their consumers.

The problem is availability. How much stock you can store in your garage?  Connecting with the manufacturer directly would only make sense if you are buying thousands of pieces at once.

For a normal day-to-day sales or installer, I’d recommend buying in bulk from a retailer and you can still make a pretty significant profit.

There is a huge problem with overseas manufacturers. If you don’t have prior experience, you can be easily ripped off by Chinese manufacturers.   It makes sense to order a couple of dozen pieces from a retailer like Lorisense to get a huge discount and up-sell it to your customer at a larger price.

Looking for more? Here is a list best solar tracker manufacturers on the planet.

Company NameCountryAxis
1st SunergyUnited StatesDouble Axis
ADESSpainSingle Axis
Akshar EnterpriseIndia
Alion EnergyUnited StatesSingle Axis
AllEarth RenewablesUnited StatesDouble Axis
Alpha ProductsUnited StatesDouble Axis
AMECUAESingle Axis
AmeriTech EnergyUnited States


Asa normal consumer you don’t have to go for large-scale manufacturers unless you are a re-seller.  There are a lot of other manufacturers in China and other countries. The problem is how would you make sure they aren’t ripping you off?

As a consumer, you don’t have any mechanism to check the quality of the product especially buying from overseas. I’d recommend buying it from someone within the united states.

Paying some premium to retail companies and get your stock ready to sell is what I’d suggest doing whether you are selling 10 pieces a month or 100 pieces a month. Only go for a big overseas deal if you have the capacity and customers to sell thousands of pieces.

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