LoriSense Basic – Single Axis Solar Tracker with Controller and Sensor | IP65 Grade – Waterproof & Dustproof

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  • Single Axis Solar Tracker with sensor and controller
  • ✅All parts meet IP65 grade (waterproof & dustproof)
  • ✅Three-month warranty
  • ✅May improve your solar panel’s power conversion efficiency by up to 30%
  • ✅Safety, robustness, and reliability: Reverse voltage polarity protection + Overheating protection + Input voltage spikes protection + Actuator voltage spikes protection + Over current protection + Sensor sensitivity may be adjusted by the user
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★ “LoriSense Basic” Single Axis Solar Tracking System with Controller & Sensor (Actuator not included) 

This system lets your solar panel follow the sun by controlling an actuator attached to it. The system includes a sensor and a controller, each within an IP65 grade enclosure. The sensor should be placed near the solar panel facing up and it allows the controller to “know” where the sun is and how to adjust the actuator in order to align the solar panel with the sun. Using this system, your solar panel is always facing the sun and is producing energy at its highest level. This system may receive a supply in the range of 12V-24V and outputs a matching supply to the actuator. Max current to the actuator is 8A with 12V or 4A with 24V. Max controller Wattage is 96W.

No configuration is required. Just plug everything correctly and you can use it immediately.

All you need to do is:

✔1. Connect the input voltage to the red (+) and black (-) wires

✔2. Connect the actuator to the yellow and white wires. If the actuator moves in the wrong direction, simply switch between the yellow and white wires OR flip the sensor 180 degrees.

Thorough connection and assembly instructions may be found on the LoriSense product website (lorisense.com)

This product does not include an actuator but the product is robust and is capable of interfacing with any actuator of your choice (as long as it can receive a voltage of 12V-24V and its current consumption won’t exceed the system maximum allowed current of 8A).

This product includes the following:

✔1. LoriSense Basic Single Axis Solar Tracking Controller.

✔2. LoriSense Basic Single Axis Solar Tracking Sensor.

✔3. One-meter cable connector between the sensor and the controller.

✔4. Two-meter cable for supply voltage to the controller + output to the actuator.

✔5. Three-month Warranty

2 reviews for LoriSense Basic – Single Axis Solar Tracker with Controller and Sensor | IP65 Grade – Waterproof & Dustproof

  1. Jay Bird

    Very easy to install, and works really good right out of the box. after hooking up the 24 volt power supply and the sat. tracker motor.

  2. Anibal Zayas

    Still using the system for over three years. Extremely durable.

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